the roadmap

Putting People First: Health, Leadership, Unity

1. Healthy and safe communities

Acceptance of others has been my life professionally and personally. But it is not healthy for us, our families, or our state, to be accepting of criminality that infringes upon our lives. It is not healthy to be accepting of people dying of drug addiction and mental health. It is not healthy to be accepting of women and children living homeless in our streets. It is not healthy for us nor our environment to have our I 5 corridor look like a third world country. And it is not healthy to accept that our children’s educational outcomes are slipping. We have lost our ways.

A healthy Washington will have an increased focus on drug addiction programs, mental health facilities and personnel, access to healthcare, the restoration of a strong K-12 education with the addition of technical apprentice programs, and true and swift accountability for those who break the law.

2. unity among citizens

I believe that to be an effective government, we need to have the intention to represent everyone in the state of Washington from all walks of life. No matter your race, ethnicity, your religion, your sexual preference. Our campaign will be the most inclusive campaign in the history of Washington state, and we will go on to govern the same way with inclusivity and diversity of thought and action.

Over the last few years, we have politically weaponized every problem that we faced in Washington and because of that we have been unable to find common sense solutions. The fringes of left and right have politicized everything possible to create this divide. As governor I will rise above these fractures and work tirelessly to unite all Washingtonians.

3. compassionate leadership

I grew up in authoritarian one party rule and understand the harmful consequences. We need present, efficient, and effective government for our state to prosper. I am willing to be a governor that is engaged and present. I am willing to work hard through countless town halls to reconnect with people, build partnerships and coalitions and create a government truly by the people and for the families of Washington.

We will create an efficient and effective government that makes the safety of the citizens of this state its number priority. To eliminate crimes that infringe on the lives of our families and our hard-working business will be our priority. We need compassionate leadership to stop allowing our people to die on the street, but to effectively and efficiently establish a triple play of programs that include drug addiction, mental health, and housing that will rid our state of the crisis of homelessness. Our excellent educational curriculum and outcomes need to be restored for families to stop pulling our children out of our public schools. We need to repair our roads and bridges and restore the reliability of our ferry system.

the roadmap

For Washington State’s future

I am by trade and training not a politician. I am a doctor, an Emergency Medicine physician that has been in the front lines for the last 25 years helping people in their most vulnerable moments; often moments of fear, moments of uncertainty.

Through a career in medicine, I am here to bring Health to our State, to bring present, effective, and efficient leadership, and to create a government by the people of different walks of life and united by one common goal, to restore the safe and prosperous lives of our WA families.

-Dr. Raul Garcia


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