Dr. Garcia with friends in Toppenish, WA.


Putting People First: Health, Leadership, Unity


  • Dave Reichert, former King County Sheriff and member of the US House, gubernatorial candidate 2024
  • Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive
  • Dan Evans, former Governor and US Senator  (R)
  • Stephen Baldwin
  • Rob McKenna, Former WA Attorney General, gubernatorial candidate 2012 (R)
  • Dino Rossi, former WA State Senator, chair WA Special Olympics, gubernatorial candidate 2004 (R)
  • Sam Reed, former WA Secretary of State (R)
  • Ralph Monroe, former WA Secretary  of State (R)
  • Washington Farm Bureau
  • Mainstream Republicans of Washington
  • David Cortinas, Publisher of La Voz Hispanic Newspaper
  • John Carlson, The Commute with Carlson host, KVI Seattle
  • Lars Larson, The Lars Larson Show host
  • Michael Sotelo, Chair of the Ethnic Chamber of Commerce, community leader, entrepreneur
  • Rep. Peter Abbarno, 20th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Andrew Barkis, 2nd Leg Dist
  • Rep. Stephanie Barnard, 8th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Michelle Caldier, 26th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Leonard Christian, 4th Leg Dist
  • Rep. April Connors, 8th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Tom Dent, 13th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Mary Dye, 9th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Jenny Graham, 6th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Paul Harris, 17th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Spencer Hutchins, 26th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Mark Klicker, 16th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Joel Kretz, 7th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Sam Low, 39th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Jaquelin Maycumber, 7th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, 14th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Ed Orcutt, 20th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Eric Robertson, 31st Leg Dist
  • Rep. Skyler Rude, 16th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Bryan Sandlin, 15th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Suzanne Schmidt, 4th Leg Dist
  • Rep. Drew Stokesbary, 31st Leg Dist
  • Rep. J.T. Wilcox, 2nd Leg Dist
  • Rep. Alex Ybarra, 13th Leg Dst
  • Sen. Matt Boenke, 8th Leg Dist
  • Sen. Perry Dozier, 16th Leg Dist
  • Sen. Curtis King, 14th Leg Dist
  • Sen. Mark Schoessler, 9th Leg Dist
  • Sen. Shelly Short, 7th Leg Dist
  • Sen. Judy Warnick, 13th Leg Dist
  • Chairman Dave McMullen, Pierce County Republican Party Chair
  • Chairman Steve Bauman, Chair, Franklin County GOP
  • Commissioner Kyle Curtis, Yakima County
  • Commissioner Clint Didier, Franklin County Commissioner Dist 3
  • Commissioner Mary Kuney, Spokane County
  • Commissioner LaDon Linde, Yakima County Commissioner Dist 3
  • Commissioner Amanda McKinney, Yakima County
  • Commissioner Rocky Mullen, Franklin County Commissioner Dist 2
  • Congressman Dave Reichert, Candidate for Gov 2024
  • Councilwoman Linda Kochmar, Federal Way
  • Kittitas County Auditor Brian Elliott, Kittitas County Auditor
  • Lt. Col. Dan Knutson, retired
  • Ari Acosta, Entrepeneur
  • Autumn Atterberry, Entrepenuer
  • Mary Bauman, Homemaker
  • Adam Berman, Videographer
  • Joseph Castleberry, President Northwest University
  • Mike Conrad, Entrepenuer
  • David Costina, LaVoz
  • Dayna Dent, Political Activist
  • Jenna Edlund, Political Activist
  • Guadencio Felipe, General Manager of three local Spanish speaking radio stations, including La Ley, 99.5
  • Dominique France, Organizational Specialist
  • Kemper and Betty Freeman, Chairman and CEO at Kemper Development Company
  • Jessica Garcia, ER Trauma Nurse
  • Mike Gonzales, Franklin County Administrator
  • Steve Gordon, Investor, philanthropist, political activist
  • JoAnne Hanses, Business Woman
  • Jesse Jensen, Political Activist, Former Candidate
  • Susanna Keilman, Political Activist, Former Candidate
  • Joe Ketterer, Hospital Consultant
  • Bill Kirk, WA Gun Law
  • Max Kuney, CEO Kuney Construction
  • Kate Lampson, Tri Cities businesswoman
  • Sarah Lieb, Accountant
  • Beva Miles, Chair, Republicans of Spokane County
  • Patricia Miles, Consultant
  • Joseph Murphy, Consultant
  • Todd Myers, Washington Policy Center
  • Timothy Payne, Attorney
  • Stephanie Payne, Homemaker
  • Peter and Beatrice Plath, President and CEO of Independent Food Processors Corp.
  • Andy Stevens, Consultant
  • Nicole Stevens,
  • Beth Swanson, Businesswoman
  • Jim Waldo, Attorney
  • Diana Wilhite, Past Mayor  of Spokane Valley
  • Rick Wilhite, Spokane Valley Chair of Valleyfest
  • Debra Yergen, Marketing Speciaist
  • Patrick Zuniga, Educator
  • Councilman Nate Nehring, Snohomish County
  • Mayor Joe Marine, City of Mukilteo WA
  • Spokane County GOP
  • Jefferson County GOP

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